Hotties Microhottie, borsa dell’acqua calda, da microonde, stampa leopardata




Price: EUR 15,76
(as of Oct 16,2018 16:52:48 UTC – Details)

The Hottie is the leading microwaveable hot water bottle, using unique patented technology, which means no filling with boiling water and no dangerous gels or waxes. Simple to use, the Hottie never needs refilling or emptying, and has no tricky stoppers. CE registered as a Class 1 medical device, the Hottie delivers the real therapeutic benefit of gentle sustained heat as well as comfort and warmth.Each Hottie consists of a factory sealed, engineered laminate pouch containing only water absorbed on to a medical grade nonwoven pad. This is the thermal pack, also called the heat pad or thermal core. The thermal pack is contained in a lambswool cover providing insulation and ensuring comfortable lasting heat–heats up in minutes in the microwave and stays warm for hours. Hotties are energy and water saving. They will save you money compared to conventional hot water bottles.Every Hottie comes with comprehensive use and safety instructions; Hotties have 10 years of customer satisfaction providing safety, convenience, comfort and warmth.Borsa dell’acqua calda da microonde, con pelliccia.
Si riscalda al microonde in pochi minuti e resta calda per ore.
Non necessita di essere riempita o svuotata.
Sicura e affidabile, senza blocchi, gel o grano.
Risparmia acqua ed energia.


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